Capturing the essence of a Hennessy harvest

Todd Selby's photos uncover the people and traditions that make up the Maison.


Todd Selby loves to go into someone's house and take pictures. He started his website in 2008 to post the results and the requests started pouring in from around the world. He is best known for his photos of celebrities and interiors, but readily agreed to shoot Hennessy's wine harvest. And once again, Todd's photos reveal the humanity behind the place.

"The Selby is in Cognac"

"The Selby is in Cognac" exhibition captures the life and spirit of Hennessy. Entranced by the Chateau de Bagnolet ("I thought it would be a cold, impersonal place but it really felt like someone's home," he notes) and the region, the American in Cognac takes a fresh look at the talented men & women and unique traditions that help create some of the world's most renowned cognacs.

Discover this beautiful exhibition in Cognac, Quais Hennessy, until October 28th, 2012.

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