Visit Hennessy

Discover an extraordinary history


Maison Hennessy

For eight generations, the Hennessy family has grown vines and turned this fertile land on the banks of the Charente into a renowned Maison that has become a world leader in producing cognac. Hennessy is a key player in the world of cognac and today invites enthusiasts and connoisseurs to discover its wealth of expertise.


Spirit of the cruise

Each group begins the tour by crossing the river on board the Hennessy boat. This 10-minute cruise allows visitors to discover the architectural heritage of the banks of the Charente. From the castle of François I to the Sainte Elisabeth building, passing by towers and a bridge, this journey between the town's history and that of the Maison retraces the key chapters in Hennessy's story, from its foundation in Cognac in 1765. The Maison's history is revealed in this voyage between the two banks of the river.


Unique expertise

As well as allowing visitors to learn about each of the steps in the cognac production process, the Hennessy tour is also a unique opportunity for the Maison to share the fruits of its unrivalled expertise - an expertise that has been handed down the Fillioux family of master blenders for seven generations. Yann Fillioux is heir to this tradition and, with the support of his tasting committee, today uses his in-depth knowledge to create, select and blend the finest brandies to produce the Maison's cognacs.


Hennessy Quays

Once visitors have returned to the left bank of the Charente by boat, the final stage of the tour takes place in the cultural center designed by the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte. The Hennessy Quays were dreamt up in 1996 and, through their contemporary architecture and clean lines, incorporate the three symbolic elements of cognac. White stone walls evoke the chalky soil, glass the bottles and oak the casks. For over ten years, this unique, skillfully designed space has hosted many exhibitions, from Picasso to Poliakoff and from the cartoonist Sempé to the photographer Jonathan Mannion.