The Hennessy artistry series are eagerly awaited wherever they go.


All around the world, Hennessy artistry brings together some of the most talented artists on stage for an eclectic mix of musical talents. Ranging from hip hop to pop, rock or electronic music, these artistic encounters bring out sounds that create engaging parties accessible by invitation only.

The Hennessy artistry events are more than music concerts. Each event offers complete sight, sound and taste sensations in a combination rarely to be found in one music event. This ultimate experience includes mixing bars where party-goers learn how to concoct Hennessy long drinks.
More than a show of different artists, the Hennessy artistry series are exciting collaborations of musical artists in exceptional onstage performance.

Since the concerts began in 2006, their fame has grown. Cosmopolitan and truly entertaining, the Hennessy artistry series are a perfect example of Hennessy's Art of Blending: a bold, exciting mix of sound, visual innovation, and unique experiences.



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