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  • Les Caves Particulières at Charles de Gaulle airport

    NEWS 2014 Oct 09

    Les Caves Particulières at Charles de Gaulle airport

  • Hennessy Very Special by Shepard FaireyTake a closer look

    NEWS 2014 Aug 05

    Hennessy Very Special by Shepard Fairey
    Take a closer look

  • Cocktail chronicle - Act V

    NEWS 2014 Jan 29

    Cocktail chronicle - Act V

    As an inexhaustible source of creation, the cocktail broke through all boundaries from 1988 onwards and became a sight to behold. Now firmly entrenched in society, the art of blending liquids is constantly reinventing itself, and can be enjoyed wherever you are in the world. With all its media attention, the cocktail has reached an unparalleled level of popularity.

  • Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege Collection IV application

    NEWS 2014 Jan 21

    Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege Collection IV application

  • Cocktail Chronicle - Act IV

    NEWS 2013 Dec 17

    Cocktail Chronicle - Act IV

    With the discovery of new ingredients and more sophisticated liquors, the bartenders’ universe became a profession in its own right. With creativity and know-how as guiding lights, the emergence of professional organizations added kudos to a trend that was evolving into an art form. The use of the cocktail had become more accessible, reaching the four corners of the world, where professionals and amateurs sought out unique drinks.

  • The Barrel-making factory

    NEWS 2013 Dec 09

    The Barrel-making factory

    The Barrel-making factory cooperage firm is located in Cognac, and its main objectives are the manufacture, maintenance and repair of the casks used to age and mature eaux-de-vie for the Hennessy cognac house.

  • The Tasting Room

    NEWS 2013 Nov 19

    The Tasting Room

    The Hennessy Tasting Committee happens in a historical place, it carries with it, more so than anywhere else, all the values that are treasured by the Maison Hennessy. At a set time every day, a meeting is held with expert-oenologists, all focused on what is essential, the tastes and selection of eaux-de-vie.

  • Cocktail chronicle - Act III

    NEWS 2013 Nov 18

    Cocktail chronicle - Act III

    At the start of the 20th century, right in the middle of prohibition, America was actually reinventing the future of the cocktail. As a perfect way of getting around prohibition laws, the art of blending became more widespread, and even concealed the taste of alcohol, which was banned by authorities at the time. With its added fruit juice, the cocktail became a drink of the alternative culture, a secret circle that lived outside the law.

  • Cocktail chronicle - Act II

    NEWS 2013 Nov 08

    Cocktail chronicle - Act II

    The cocktail really took off right in the middle of the 18th century. This was a century which invented the art of blending liquids with, it was claimed, complex properties which had the ability to heal many diseases. Starting with the much-lauded curative benefit of the cocktail, let's take a look back at some dates and anecdotes about the origin of the name which has now become a phenomenon and a form of art de vivre.

  • Discover House of Hennessy, at London Heathrow airport

    NEWS 2013 Nov 04

    Discover House of Hennessy, at London Heathrow airport

    For the first time ever, Hennessy is proud to welcome you in the House of Hennessy. An innovative and dedicated pop-up store concept in exclusive travel retail locations. This new Cognac destination showcases Hennessy’s savoir faire and its cognac range in an interactive environment, inviting international travellers to a sensorial journey to discover the many facets of the world’s leading cognac brand.