4 dates punctuated this great destiny

In 1724, Richard was born into a family of Irish aristocrats in a village in the County of Cork.
In 1745, he enlisted in King Louis XV’s Irish Brigade and discovered the Charente region shortly after the Battle of Fontenoy.
In 1756 Captain Hennessy left the army and traveled to Ostend, a place where some of his family lived and where he would begin trading in eaux-de-vie.
And in 1765, Richard returned to Charente and established his own Maison in Cognac.

A great destiny depends upon vision and dreams. Casks of Hennessy cognac sailed to London, Dublin and Flanders.

Richard Hennessy knew that time would be on his side : he adopted a long-term approach. Indeed, he settled the Founder’s Cellar along the Charente river and aged eaux-de-vie for more than ten years to create exceptional cognacs.

This vision led him to come close to perfection and make a strong name in France and abroad.

As of 1784, members of the court of Louis XVI asked Richard Hennessy for their usual finest cognac.
Ten years later, the first casks of Hennessy were unloaded in the port of New York.




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