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A Journey of Pure Indulgence
Paradis Upgrade Gala Dinner

A Journey of Pure Indulgence<br>Paradis Upgrade Gala Dinner


  • WHEN

To celebrate the launch of new Hennessy Paradis decanter designed by famous Italian designer Ferruccio Laviani, Hennessy hosted a gala dinner “A Journey of Pure Indulgence” at Yilan LANYAN Museum on June 18th, 2014. Over 120 celebrities were invited to attend this prestigious event to witness the unveiling of the new Paradis decanter design and enjoy a perfect cognac and food pairing experience. The dinner venue enjoys unobstructed view of the night sky and overlooks the spectacular LANYAM Museum. As the dinner proceeded all guests were immersed in a dreamy heaven, thanks to the elegant sensibility of Hennessy Paradis. The night came to a perfect finish in the mesmerizing surroundings of the beautiful Lanyan.

A Journey of Pure Indulgence<br>Paradis Upgrade Gala Dinner

To reveal the new Paradis carafe, Hennessy Paradis specially selected LANYAN museum as the gala dinner venue with its tranquil lake view and artistic atmosphere. The lake, with its mirror-like surface, exudes a graciousness that can only be matched with Paradis. Hennessy also invited avant-garde dancer Wu Tsai Lin to premiere her scarf dance performance, whose silky movements perfectly reflected the elegance of Hennessy Paradis new carafe. When the gala dinner came to the end, a breathtaking opera performance brought the atmosphere to a vibrant climax. The magnificent songs are a celebration of Hennessy’s exceptional eaux-de-vie, leading guests to a journey of pure indulgence.