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Sandstone XXXXXX

1 oz. Hennessy Very Special
0.5 oz Kahlua
0.5 oz Simple Syrup
Double Shot of Espresso
Shaken and Strained
Espresso Bean Garnish

Tracy Burton

As a student, Tracy Burton had no idea that her part-time job at a friend’s pub would eventually develop into her true calling. Thriving on the fast pace of bartending, as well as the creativity it allowed her, she honed her craft and joined the Sandstone 13 years ago when it opened.

Tracy loves the dynamic of a hotel bar, and the varied clientele it attracts. Whether she’s serving a group of businessmen who are new to the bar, or a young professional who’s a regular hotel guest, Tracy is always happy to chat and swap stories.

In order to keep customers happy, Tracy knows that it’s important to keep up with trends and stock quality products. That’s why Hennessy has been on the bar rail of the Sandstone ever since the beginning. Tracy says that although you can’t pinpoint a typical Hennessy drinker (due to its broad appeal), everyone who drinks it truly loves it.