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The new hennessy very special limited edition

The new hennessy very special limited edition

Hennessy celebrates the new opus of its Very Special Limited Edition series with a new design crafted by contemporary street artist JonOne.

Identifying and supporting avant-garde artists is a Hennessy tradition dating back to its founding. Like Hennessy, JonOne has the distinctive style of a pioneer and innovator. Like Hennessy, he is a true trailblazer.


Born in 1963 into a Dominican-American family, John Andrew Perello grew up in a rough neighborhood on the fringes of New York City. In 1987, an encounter with French street artists turned his life around. They encouraged him to move to Paris. Along the way, JonOne developed a style distinctive for the bright, pulsating colors coursing through his abstract compositions. Today, JonOne is at the top of his game, and one of the most esteemed artists of his artistic style.

Bringing color to the mix

For this collaboration for Hennessy Very Special there has been a genuine exchange between Hennessy and JonOne, brought alive by the artist’s testimony.

“Blending eaux-de-vie is like blending colors”

« Just like Hennessy, I am someone who works in an artisanal way. I do my own work. Because my art is very personal. I have assistants who help, but they don’t do the painting, just the things behind the scenes ».