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How to keep a Hennessy cognac?

Once bottled, our cognacs remain stable for a very long time if kept out of excessive light and away from the heat.

If the cork is not damaged and your bottle has been stored in good conditions, you can enjoy your Hennessy cognac at any time.

The best way to store an unopened bottle of cognac is to keep it standing in a cool and dark place. Cognac may be stored in these conditions for several years without altering its quality.

The reason why a bottle should remain upright is that contact with the cork could affect the contents. A cognac stored in this way will have the same quality as the day it was bottled. Take care when opening the bottle as the cork may have deteriorated over the years and broken into small pieces. Turn it very delicately.

To be enjoyed in moderation.

How to drink Hennessy cognac?


How to know the value of an old bottle or flask?