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ColinResponse: Where words fail, music speaks

ColinResponse: Where words fail, music speaks

Take-charge talent promises to rein the spotlight

In music, “call and response” is the succession of two distinct phrases, where the second phrase replies to the first. This perfectly describes the music ColinResponse has to offer, and also of his belief that music and melody should do the talking. "I don't try to tell music what to do,” he says. “As a child, music was all about freedom. I listened to what music told me to do. As an adult, my music is a direct response to all the questions music has asked me in the past.” The pop/soul artist, who has shared the stage with renowned Canadian artists such as Lights, Kardinal Offishall and Mariana’s Trench, takes the spotlight with a seven-piece band influenced by artists such as Michael Jackson & Bruno Mars. They are notorious for transforming even their mildest tempo recordings into upbeat dance music that takes charge of any audience.

ColinResponse: Where words fail, music speaks

The faith to win—on a whim

For ColinResponse, the decision to participate in the 2013 Hennessy Talent Quest was made on a whim, but one that, once made, was something into which he poured his full effort. “For me, being named the Talent Quest winner represents the reward to having faith,” he says, with an exhale. “From the day I started, I heard over and over that this was not exactly the most realistic choice of career. But someone out there is doing it—why not me? Someone is doing it—which means it can be done.” Marking his soon-to-be first time in France, the musician says he looks forward to making a reality of what will be a watershed moment in his young and promising career.