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Very Special Limited Edition by Scott Campbell

Very Special Limited Edition by Scott Campbell

Over the past few years, Hennessy has collaborated with groundbreaking artists such as Kaws, Futura, Os Gemeos, Shepard Fairey and Ryan McGinness to create a new Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition bottle every year. In 2016, Hennessy extended the invitation to tattoo artist Scott Campbell, one of the most popular and most celebrated tattoo artists on the planet.

Having moved to New York in 2001, Scott Campbell founded his own tattoo parlor “Saved Tattoo” in 2005, with the ambition to create a new space honouring the true art and rituals of tattooing. He is also one of the brightest new voices in contemporary art, with ground-breaking works featured in some of the most cutting-edge galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Singapore and Tokyo.

This versatility, along with the unique attention to detail Scott Campbell dedicates to his tattooing is what prompted Hennessy to invite the artist to create his own Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition design.

Scott Campbell wanted to blaze a trail that would be unique to his own trade: “I treated the Hennessy Very Special bottle like I would treat somebody’s arm: I put tracing paper over it, and started drawing!”. Needless to say, this was an entirely new approach to label design.

In the end, the Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition by Scott Campbell design represents “a conversation between me and everything that’s gone into Hennessy for hundreds of years. It was fun to explore Hennessy’s history, take cues from the brand’s visual identity and just project my world onto it in a way that still respects its personality, and honors its traditions.”

When it came time to create his bottle design, Scott Campbell based his work on his own history, and on the unique “ornamental calligraphy” style the artist has developed while inking scripts on people’s skin throughout the years.