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New V.S.O.P bottle meets the world...

Chris Bangle's redesign of the V.S.O.P bottle is an event Hennessy wanted to share with the world.

Hennessy's Designing Legends tour has already passed through several continents. Guests in Shanghai, Los Angeles, Guadalajara, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Taipei all had the chance to discover Chris Bangle's new bottle design, which brings the iconic cognac resolutely into the future while maintaining its harmony and balance... Legendary Hennessy V.S.O.P was created in 1817, when the future King George of England requested the Maison to provide a "very superior old pale" cognac. The designer wanted to preserve the cognac's heritage. The new bottle and gift box's streamlined and modernised look still recall the elegance and roundness of what it contains. With slightly accentuated curves, a heightened upward thrust and an enriched base, the V.S.O.P bottle leads the eye upwards its pyramid-style to the engraved Hennessy coat-of-arms, a reminder of the tradition of great cognacs.