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Hennessy X.O

Since The Beginning

It is usually said that this « extra old » cognac is complex but rare, robust but balanced, classic but challenging the years. With its extremely long finish, its powerful aromas of oak, old leather and black pepper, the icon of the Maison, Hennessy X.O embodies the quintessential timeless symbol of Hennessy. An emblem leveraging the best of the past, always evolving, and crafting the future since its creation by Emile Fillioux for Maurice Hennessy in 1870.

Magnified in his iconic decanter designed by Gerald de Geoffre in 1947, Hennessy X.O remains at the top of the innovation thanks to unique collaborations with designers, reinterpreting constantly all the traditional codes of the carafe and exploring new frontiers.

A Three-Year Collaboration Between Two Icons

Awarded Designer of the Year 2014 (Maison et Objet, Paris), the acclaimed pioneer and self-taught talent Tom Dixon signs in 2015 a new design for Hennessy X.O, embodying its visionary spirit and propelling its luxury aesthetic into new territories.

“The Hennessy X.O carafe is a timeless object that I wanted to treat in an original, modern way”.

Imagined since 2013 by the British Designer, the concept was to create a collection of contemporary rendition of the house’s carafe as a rising crescendo, thought since the beginning as a trilogy.

A triptych of objects, shapes and effects embodying the 3 gold equations. Moving from the deepest copper shade in 2013, to a bold silver version in 2014, to the brightest and purest yellow gold this year, Mr Dixon is closing masterfully the triptych of new designs sublimely dedicated to his “Hennessy X.O Exclusive Collection”.

From Copper To Gold,
From Tessellation To Gemstone

Inspired by the state-of-the-art technique of tessellation, Mr Dixon has paid a three years tribute to the true pioneer Hennessy X.O. Using polygons in a repeated pattern, the Hennessy X.O carafe increases this impression of infinite pixilation on a textured surface designed to convey reflectivity, balance and elegance. To gradually reveal the essence of the forms, Dixon has refined constantly this concept. From his first copper edition illustrating the incredible deepness of the multifaceted blend of about a hundred Eaux de vie until his latest creation; his uncluttered work has repeatedly emphasized the preciousness of the object.

A Last Opus, the Grand Finale

To celebrate the last and latest Tom Dixon’s design of Hennessy X.O, Hennessy is proud to unveil in 2015 the ultimate step of a revolutionary collaboration, faithful to the values of Hennessy XO.

By polishing gradually materials and shapes, the 2015 Hennessy X.O Exclusive Collection magnifies in the most luxurious gold all the strengths of the original object and comes close to the raw and pure element, like an absolute gemstone, propelling this collection at its peak.

Always ahead of his time and real forward thinker, Tom Dixon was inspired by the purest stone, highlighting the preciousness of this raw material, playing with textures and forms establishing Hennessy X.O as the Original. The most festive colour is also here to highlight a key celebration of the Maison, theHennessy 250th Anniversary.

The Anthology Trilogy

To gather and magnify in one piece his three exclusive designs, Tom Dixon has finally imagined a structured and architected gift box shaped like a gemstone. Piece of art by itself, the exclusive “Trilogy Offer” combines in a luxurious showcase the copper, silver and gold versions. Through a collection at the height of its fame, Hennessy X.O invites everyone in 2015 to celebrate the Exclusive Collection signed by the Maestro Tom Dixon, revealing more than ever Hennessy X.O The Original in a bold new way.

A tribute to an Icon:
the Hennessy X.O decanter

Presented from the beginning of the nineteenth century in a glass bottle – a most unusual presentation at the time – Hennessy X.O was the object of an exceptional request by Maurice Hennessy who approached his nephew, the Marquis Gérald de Geoffre, to design a decanter that would be immediately identifiable. In 1947, Gérald de Geoffre designed the first Hennessy X.O decanter whose form is still familiar to us today. The young Marquis wished to give it an aura which would be worthy of the cognac it contained: it combines gentle curves and a powerful silhouette, a tribute to the pyramid-like forms of the grape bunches that gave birth to the eaux-de-vie.

Since 1947, the silhouette of Hennessy X.O has remained unchanged. This new luxurious coffret - with a collector miniature and decorated bottle labels - is the perfect gift for the end of year.