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Live from Guangzhou Opera House

Live from Guangzhou Opera House

The Hennessy 250 Tour will officially start in a few hours in Guangzhou Opera House, one of the most spectacular buildings of the South China capital. It took more than one hundred men and women to complete the installation of this ambitious exhibition, which is presented as a cultural festival celebrating Hennessy’s legacy through the eyes of eleven renowned artists. But before we reveal the content of our 250th anniversary exhibition, let’s take a look back at the events that marked the past week.

Eight days to complete the installation

Our teams moved into Zahra Hadid Opera House on March 7th, which gave them merely eight days to complete the whole installation! Charles Sandison and Tony Oursler’s masterpieces were the first to arrive on site, followed by the heritage cases and Anton Corbijn’s stunning black and white portraits of our finest craftsmen. And finally the Time Barrel, a digital installation that invites visitors to leave a mark on the future by sharing a digital message. So far, everything was going as planned but no matter how well prepared you are, there can always be unexpected surprises...

A cultural tasting

Having to manage a team of a hundred local workers was one of our main concerns. Fortunately, the people at Hennessy are pretty good in the art of cultural blending so they were able to handle the situation smoothly. Although this installation asked a lot of efforts and determination, our teams found the inspiration to surpass themselves, remembering that with great achievements come great sacrifices. We strongly believe the result of this unique exhibition will be similar to a great Hennessy cognac, raised with kindness and attention, firmness and affection. Of course, you will judge from yourself as our “cultural tasting” begins tomorrow!