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Hennessy marks the day

Hennessy marks the day

The Hennessy 250 Tour inauguration in Guangzhou was an event-filled week marked by moments of intense emotions. From the 17th to the 19th of March, visitors from China and the Pacific Region flocked to Guangzhou Opera House to discover the Maison’s anniversary exhibition and its new creation: The Hennessy 250 Collector Blend. Let’s turn now to some of the highlights of this very special moment.

“Today we have witnessed the way Hennessy is crafting the future"

The inauguration ceremony was scheduled at 9:30am and I was running late. As always, traffic that morning in Guangzhou was terrible. The taxi was stuck on a bridge over-looking the Pearl River and from the window I could see the Opera House in the far distance… I started to wonder whether I would make it in time. The week had been intense and stressful enough for everyone working on the event and when I finally reached the Opera, I was surprised to find the teams performing a pig roast ceremony outside the building. “Eating a pig before any important event is a custom here, explained the Chinese staff. It helps to have the gods on our side so you have to try!”
Moët-Hennessy’s CEO Christophe Navarre was to arrive any time for the opening visit. The Opera House was already packed with journalists and TV crews setting their cameras. Tension was clearly rising... Away from the excited crowd, I found Charles Sandison waiting in his corner, calm as usual. Charles is one of the eleven artists on board of the Hennessy 250 Tour and his installation, “A Tale of Two Families”, operates very much like his mind: it’s bright, surprising and very “digital”. Having Sandison to introduce the first chapter of the exhibition was a smart move and allowed the guests to perfectly visualize the continuous flow of Hennessy's history.

A new blend and exclusive gala dinners

Art curator Hervé Mikaeloff took over the rest of the visit, presenting the vast collection of archives and works of various artists who have been collaborating with the Maison over the last decades. I must admit that this inauguration was a moment of intense emotions, especially during the ribbon cutting ceremony when Christophe Navarre declared: “Today we have witnessed the way Hennessy is crafting the future and I’m confident that the Maison will continue to do so in the next 250 years!”
Hennessy showed indeed that they had the intention to do so. Having said that, I should add that The 250 Tour is not only a cultural festival celebrating the Maison’s legacy, it is also an opportunity to project into the future with a new blend, born of the inspiration of Hennessy Master Blender Yann Fillioux and the Comité de Dégustation (Tasting Committee). Revealing the Hennessy 250 Collector Blend in Guangzhou was another exciting moment. Fillioux and his men made the trip to China and exclusive gala dinners were organized in the Opera House for the occasion; an initiative highly appreciated by the guests. And cherry on the cake, they could leave the gala with a blend autographed by Maurice Hennessy himself. As for me, when I left that evening to search for a taxi, I was happy to find the streets free of traffic at last. It had been a marathon day but a very successful one. The pig had done its job well.