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Château de Bagnolet

Château de Bagnolet

Since its acquisition in 1841 by Auguste and Irene Hennessy and over the centuries that followed, the Château de Bagnolet has been a testament to the family's destiny. Today it forms part of the Maison's heritage, and guests flock to enjoy the enchanting views over the picturesque surrounding countryside. Let's take a guided tour.

Where the story all started

On October 4th, 1840, when Irene d'Anthès-Hennessy wrote to her husband Auguste Hennessy during a trip London, a page of the family history was about to be turned. The appeal of Château de Bagnolet can be summarized in the words of her own letter: “Dear Auguste, I need to tell you about something that has happened. Mr Boulay told us that Bagnolet is to be sold… You have often spoken of how much you would like to become its owner. Was this because you believed in the impossible, or did you really want to purchase it? It is such a charming setting... You like it a lot, and perhaps at some time in the future you may bitterly regret not having bought it. In any case, I wanted to let you know, think about it and write back to me with your thoughts."