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Georges Matzaridis' Mixology

Georges Matzaridis, a mixologist through and through

Georges Matzaridis was born in Greece and raised in Sweden after his family moved there in the 1970s. When he came to London to study, he fell in love with the city, the diversity of its population and its resulting cosmopolitan blend... in short, a foretaste of mixology.
He first discovered his calling at the bar of his family's restaurant, where he could often be found chatting with the bartenders. He has changed scenes several times since those days, refining his mixtures with “consistency and determination,” two qualities that he considers essential in this profession.

Georges Matzaridis' Mixology

An inspired bartender

He tended at Golden Days, Breakfast Group, Red Cube and Hakkasan before founding the Cinco Lounge in Lisbon with a couple of associates; then he returned to London and the Ping Pong before going back to Hakkasan, where he became manager and developed the group. In his view, the key to a good cocktail is “not to mix more than five ingredients.” In the 1990s, cocktails with fruit juices and crushed ice were trendy. Today, vintage classics are back in style- but there’s no way Georges Matzaridis would simply follow a trend. He “takes inspiration from them and gives them a twist.”
A true expert who loves his profession, Georges Matzaridis enjoys a challenge, and what motivates him these days is the constant challenge of creating a menu. “Only interactions with other people make it possible to create a menu with more than thirty cocktails,” he says. Taking inspiration from his conversations with clients, cooks and pastry chefs, the real talent of this mixologist is in his ability to find “inspiration anywhere, at any time.”