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Food Safety

Food Safety

Increasingly elaborate and specific regulations ensure the safety of foods and beverages and Hennessy takes these regulations very serious. In 2004, Hennessy opted to surpass regulatory requirements, initiating a certification process to guarantee safe products for our consumers.

In 2007, our food safety initiatives were awarded by ISO 22000 certification, specifically for, Hennessy and all House subsidiaries. Since the initial award, the certification has since been renewed. The hazard inherent to each of the 147 steps of cognac ‘s production process was subject to analysis (HACCP). These initiatives arose from our food safety policy, which is a coherent framework of commitments established and upheld by Hennessy's CEO. Sensitive to the particular nature of our trade, the policy enumerates principle keys to ensuring the perfect compliance of our products and processes with the standards of food safety management. The policy articulates our commitments to regulatory oversight and legal requirements, the compliance of our facilities with technical standards, the appropriateness and effectiveness of audits and inspections, the training of the men and women of our House, and our relationship with our suppliers. Our food safety management system ensures that our food safety policy is enforced. The system strives to continually advance our management of food safety risks, permitting us to effectively prevent and respond to such risks. In doing so, our food safety management system safeguards the satisfaction of our consumers and thus the future of our Maison.