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James Hennessy


James Hennessy is a cognac of precise and measured character that never fails to surprise, with its delicate balance and enduring flavours.

Created through a rigorous selection of the finest and most intense eaux-de-vie, graced with a wonderful balance of soft wood tannins, it betrays nothing of the long and meticulous creative process behind its genesis. And yet, with its multitude of aromas and flavours, it offers up an experience truly intense.


Beautiful shades of amber are punctuated by soft highlights of pink and bronze.


Suggestions of mild tobacco and light wisps of smoke combine subtly with toasty aromas. Hints of roasted almonds intermingle and merge with Madagascar vanilla to produce soft and delicately perfumed notes.


A palate of elegance and restraint, enhanced by fresher flavours reminiscent of apricot, then pistachio and blood peach. James Hennessy expands across the palate, revealing endless layers of warm fruit flavours.


In 2015, the year of Hennessy's 250th anniversary, the Maison payed tribute to James Hennessy, the eldest son of the Maison’s founder, Richard Hennessy.

He shaped the essence of the Hennessy's identity, defined the Maison’s criteria of excellence and initiated the first expeditions around the world, thereby providing the initial impetus of Maison Hennessy’s expansion across the globe.

This visionary entrepreneur and accomplished traveller always had an innate understanding of the need to explore new horizons. For him, "Truth has to be found in adventure".

Marc Newson design

To celebrate this new blend, the Maison chose to collaborate with the internationally acclaimed designer, Marc Newson.
Strikingly simple, contemporary and ergonomic, the James Hennessy decanter is a nod to the designer’s groundbreaking work. He explains: “My work involves understanding the starting point and the context, and then creating the missing link.” This decanter conveys the visionary approach of the Maison while redefining perspectives between past and present.