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Hennessy Privé

Hennessy Privé.
A cognac inspired by Art Deco.


So he put together a cognac “très privé” in honour of his friends, and taking inspiration from the Art Deco movement of the time.
Almost a century later, Hennessy went back to this tradition. In 2009 Alfred Fillioux’s descendant, Yann Fillioux, reconstituted Hennessy Privé, this blend made for connoisseurs, who appreciate it best undiluted, and in doing so pay elegant tribute once more to James Hennessy.


Hennessy Privé is a blend of about hundred pure and structured eaux-de-vie, selected for their capacity to achieve a perfect balance between roundness and aromatic refinement. They are at least 12 years-old and are aged-old and are aged in young barrels, but in a way that ensures the wood never dominates. This selection of lean yet powerful eaux-de-vie is characterised by a touch of fresh mint, forming an altogether poised and harmonious cognac.


Colour: Hennessy Privé glistens with brilliant hues of light amber.
Nose: On the nose there are characteristic suggestions of damp undergrowth, coupled with elegant touches of ripened fruits.
Palate: In the mouth, there are suggestions of fresh mint as well as preserved fruits which together create a velvety structure, pleasingly lifted by flavours reminiscent of praline.
Hennessy Privé can be enjoyed neat, but is also a good match for sweet snacks in between meals, creamy treats with coffee or chocolate flavours.