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A conversation with Futura

How is it that a New York graffiti artist and Hennessy met up?

I had followed the House’s artistic collaborations, and I thought they were really cool. When the chance arose for me to create something with Hennessy, I was surprised. It was very exciting. It reminded me of writing my name on the wall and knowing that people were going to look at it – now a whole new generation gets to see my ‘tag’. It’s been a great creative collaboration. When you started thinking about the art for the Very Special label, what were your inspirations? I started with the Cognac itself, looking at the bottle and how it sits on the shelf. I tried to do something completely unique with respect to the past, which would at the same time represent who I am.

What do you and Hennessy have in common?

I am not so presumptuous as to think that I have the kind of history behind me that Hennessy does. But I respect the House and moreover, on a purely personal level, my relationship to France is very strong: I have been married to a Frenchwoman for 30 years; our two children are half-French! My work with The Clash first took me to Paris in 1981 – so I have a true, historic connection to Paris and France in general. Still, to create for such a prestigious brand is humbling and exciting. I’m creative; Hennessy are craftsmen, and they’re at the top of their game. We’re passionate, we’re dedicated to a process, and we’re always trying to push further to create a better experience.