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Os Gemeos: a Brazilian creation


Os Gemeos, the Brazilian-born stars of street art, source inspiration for their color-rich and multi-faceted work from their hometown. Os Gemeos are firmly rooted in São Paolo. The city, say the twins, shaped them into the artists they are today. “We grew up playing in the streets and we learned a lot from those days. In that context, we had to improvise,” explain Os Gemeos. The twins’ closeness, is perhaps the most important element that fuels and enriches their existence as artists. Leonard McGurr, aka Futura—partner for the previous Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition—was the first to recommend that the Brazilian contemporary artists work with the cognac maker. The devotion to craftsmanship and the sense of place are linchpins in Hennessy’s and Os Gemeos’ work.

Hennessy & Os Gemeos

“We love experimenting. This project represented a new medium for us—one where we could change the tradition into something contemporary, colorful” explain Os Gemeos. The twins found inspiration for the label, which they describe as a “happy and colorful landscape where everything is connected,” after learning about Hennessy’s history and the importance of the art of blending for the Maison. Os Gemeos also identified similarities while spending time in Cognac delving into the world of Hennessy.“Everything at Hennessy,” they explained, “is about passion and the passage of time.” “It’s more interesting to let people see for themselves than for us to explain; seeing for yourself sparks the imagination,” they conclude.