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Tom Dixon elevates X.O

A sense of continuity

A pioneer and a true original, Tom Dixon’s commitment to innovative design, manufacture and vision of “illuminating and furnishing the future” has produced numerous iconic pieces: Mirror Ball, Copper Shade, Beat Light and Wingback Chair. Yet for all its modernity, Tom Dixon’s work is clearly anchored in a sense of continuity. Hennessy X.O and Tom Dixon started a fruitful collaboration in 2012, leading Tom to totally reinvent the whole universe behind Hennessy X.O through a new perspective.

Precious objects

Tom Dixon brought his unique perspective to reinvent Hennessy X.O service ritual and visibility items, inspired by the artist’s fascination with how precious objects are displayed in museums. Dixon chose to make the X.O bottle the center of attention by framing it in a graphic, almost mechanical-looking grip that recalls the mounts used for gems and minerals. “I am captivated by precious objects and how they are held in position in different contexts,” he says, noting that the display is essential to making sure that the star object is perceived properly. By securing it in metallic settings, whether for visibility items or for service elements, the designer frames the X.O bottle like a precious gem - a nod to both Dixon’s design universe and the inherent richness of Hennessy X.O.