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The renewal of Paradis by Ferruccio Laviani


Laviani was born in 1960 in Cremona, Italy, famed for the stringed musical instruments made there. He has distinguished himself over the past twenty years with his designs for contemporary luxury objects whose innovative, inviting lines and forms speak the language of modernity. An admirer of Memphis, the famous school of Italian designers at the forefront of modernity in the 1980s, Laviani is an intuitive, eclectic designer. With a sure hand and great clarity, he dares to mix classicism with modernism, baroque style with minimalism and opulence with simplicity. This approach has made him one of the major figures of Italian design. As a child, Laviani dreamed of becoming an instrument maker. Sensitive to the original purity of Hennessy Paradis, the designer, with all the delicacy of a violin maker, has brought the Hennessy Paradis decanter into the 21st century with strength and grace.

Elongation of the silhouette

Laviani’s designs are notable for their emotional content and pertinence. The streamlined Hennessy Paradis decanter he has designed began with an inspired gesture. He added a discreet pedestal to elongate its silhouette, curves and fins to refine its rounded shape, and a play of light and transparency to enhance the blend’s warm amber color. “I wanted to elongate the Paradis decanter – while preserving the purity of its original design – by highlighting its sinuous curves to make it rounder, more generous, more precious.” Ferruccio Laviani