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Born in Nantes in 1960, Pierrick Sorin is a video artist whose short films and visual installations often mock the process of artistic creation, and even human existence itself. A fervent practitioner of self-filming, he is often the sole actor in the stories he invents. But this artist is also an illusionist: he creates optic theatres, mixing the lo-fi and the home-made with new technologies, which allow him to appear in these spaces as if by magic, in the form of a small hologram situated amongst real objects.

HENNESSY 250 TOUR COMMISSION - Hennessy, an innovative savoir-faire at the heart of a tradition

Sorin’s project for the Hennessy Tour Commission is a video installation inspired by miniature theatre. It is a contemporary work in which physical elements meet 3D film, in which the latest Aliscopic technology comes into contact with the ancient traditions of savoir-faire and craft. On his miniature stage, Sorin projects short scenes, staging videos of himself and heritage objects in a both magical and comic fantasy world. From a Hennessy tasting in outer space to a cabinet of curiosities filled with emblematic objects of the Hennessy handicraft, Sorin represents tradition in a light-hearted and playful way, blurring the notion of tangible and immaterial.