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Imany & NexCyx In the Gardens of the Blues


With Mahalia Phillips as vocalist, Russel Padmore on guitar, Chadd Ifill on drums, André Clarke on keyboards and Kriss Clarke on the base, the flamboyant group NexCyx is the winner of the first edition of "Talent Quest," a talent competition organized by Hennessy. These Barbados natives transformed their trial run of this contest into a smash hit. Their style is a colorful mix that reflects the group’s eclectic influences, ranging from hip-hop to pop and rock to fusion. Selected among hundreds of competitors, the quintet was awarded the unique opportunity to perform a concert at Festival Blues Passion in Cognac in July of 2012.

Imany & NexCyx In the Gardens of the Blues

A Blend of Experiences

In addition to the performance and after meeting with Maurice Hennessy, the group enhanced its inimitable flavor through an acoustic jam session with the French singer Imany, the artist whose album The Shape of a Broken Heart went platinum in 2011. This famous songstress gladly accepted Hennessy’s offer and seized the opportunity to indulge in the multifaceted charms of this Barbados-based group. From the expression of the singer’s passionate feelings to the osmotic rhythms of NexCyx, a vocal and instrumental harmony naturally unfolded within the “Jardins du Blues,” the closing concert of the festival on July 8, 2012. Time stood still for this musical encounter, in a rare alchemy that perfectly demonstrates the Hennessy philosophy. An exclusive moment full of surprise and deep-seated harmony, where talent and resonance reveal all their treasures, once blended.