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Hennessy & Saul Williams: A Story of Common Ground

When the echo of the spoken word resonates, at Château de Bagnolet.

Cognac, July 10, 2011: As the new high point of its program of artistic collaborations, Hennessy opened its doors to Saul Williams, revealing its expertise, sharing its secret recesses, and setting the festival Blues Passions ablaze. During this exceptional sold-out show, the American artist brought the house down, proving once more his outstanding activism and innate musical talent.

Hennessy & Saul Williams: A Story of Common Ground

A taste for excellence

Because he thinks of himself as a craftsman working with his hands when he writes or plays an instrument, Saul Williams continues to question the status quo and decompartmentalize styles. Styles and principles, the art of mixing that reaches a perfect harmony in the Hennessy expertise. From the moment that Saul Williams discovered cognac when working alongside Kanye West up to his recent encounter with Maurice Richard Hennessy, it is no surprise that this artist finds that the unique expertise of distillation resonates with his world. Beyond sharing the same passion for music, including hip-hop and other influences, Hennessy and Saul Williams also connect on another level: that of transmission as a means of recording history. By weaving poems out of words without inventing the words themselves, this American slam icon handles prose like a master blender handles cognac. And just like Hennessy, his creations are inspired by a taste for excellence.