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Budamunk Takumi Kaneko Mimismooth

In just a few notes, the synthetic groove laid down by the trio made up of Budamunk, Takumi Kaneko and Mimismooth ignited the multicolored interior of the Spes-Lab art gallery, during a Secret Session organized in Tokyo.

Budamunk Takumi Kaneko Mimismooth

Live From Tokyo

Known for his slamming rhythms and frenzied beats, underground Dj Budamunk left behind the pure and hard fibers of his abstract hip-hop, the cornerstone of his incredible reputation. In the style of his album "First Jam Magic" released in 2013 in association with Mimismooth (R&B diva) and Takumi Kaneko (pianist from Cro-Magnon Jazz), the unlikely trio reformed for one night only following an invitation from Hennessy. Ever loyal to its culture of mixing genres, the most famous of the Cognac houses invited around one hundred guests to an event in central Tokyo, to enjoy a hybrid style of thoroughly bewitching music. At the site of the Spes-Lab came an improvised set which perfectly mastered the laws of sound intermixing.

Budamunk Takumi Kaneko Mimismooth

Intensity of Harmony & Tastes

While Budamunk, the Tokyo king of hip-hop, overlaid the velvet voice of Mimismooth, the dexterity of the pianist Takumi Kaneko gently punctuated the sensual monotonous chants produced by the trio. The lucky guests at the Secret Session Hennessy were able to enjoy an evening of incredible sensations during this musical set. The event was truly one-of-a-kind and in a unique environment, where the bright colors of the Spes-Lab gallery magnified the myriad inspirations of a group with various musical influences. Echoing flavor combinations, the improvised concert drew from the subtlety and the inexpressible richness of three distinct repertoires. In a harmony of beatbox, song and piano accented by hip-hop, R&B and jazz, the union among Budamunk, Takumi Kaneko and Mimismooth lent itself perfectly to Hennessy's golden rule. This is the rule of the perfect combination which, once it is played out on the stage, transforms into a harmonious blend.