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Robert Glasper
New York at Your Fingertips

Since the release of his first album in 2004, cleverly entitled "Mood", Robert Glasper has been blending rhythmic experimentation and new sound tones. This reflector of metaphors and harmonies is an extraodinary jazz pianist and gave an outstanding performance at 446 Broadway with his trio during a Home Session by Hennessy.

Robert Glasper<br>New York at Your Fingertips

New York, New York

It was an exceptional evening to pay tribute to the talent and enthusiasm of the best New York jazz musicians, echoing Duke Ellington and Herbie Hancock, for whom Glasper expresses his admiration. Drums, keyboard, bass and voice are delicately remixed using a vocoder: when the band, whisked away by the rising motif of modern jazz, was about to shake the brick walls of the showroom, the hundred or so guests prepared themselves to experience a musical sensation verging on the epic. In the words of the master himself, the evening was coherent with his own philosophy: “To perform at the request of Hennessy is naturally in line with our way of thinking. Just like a beverage, music depends on a single equation: by mixing a variety of ingredients and sources of inspiration you can achieve something new, and capture attention”.

Robert Glasper<br>New York at Your Fingertips

Jazz Without Borders

Hired by the Los Angeles Times for his organic capacity to form bridges between various musical styles, Robert Glasper has been continually successful with a multi-faceted repertoire, inspired by the worlds of both hip-hop and jazz. These genres are nods to rock, gospel, and soul and recall this state of mind and this art of blending that is specific to Hennessy. Incandescent voices with luminous soaring melodies, original creations with astonishing choruses, the eclectic art of the Afro-American pianist transposes the treasured words and values of the Maison Hennessy into sound and light. These same values which, from the traditional to the rare, taking in innovation, translate the codes of the finest cognacs into surprising blends.