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Pet Conspiracy <br>The Art of Performance

Pet Conspiracy
The Art of Performance

Pet Conspiracy <br>The Art of Performance

Sense of Performance

Endowed with unlimited musical talent, Pet Conspiracy has been riding on its wave of success for almost ten years. This success has been magnified through the many videos they have produced, that have been widely broadcast on Chinese television. This phenomenon from Beijing includes five members from different countries and cultures, who share roles and blend styles. Its members are Huzi (a successful Chinese producer), Edo (electro virtuoso, of Italian origin), Mary (also Italian) as well as Yun Yun (celebrated Chinese designer) and Helen (TV star), as the most alternative band on the Chinese music scene, they never cease to fascinate and surprise their adoring public. 24th May 2013 - 10 pm on the dot: at the evening opening of the Art Basel Hong Kong event, the Maison Hennessy invited the electro-punk quintet to a Secret Session.

Pet Conspiracy <br>The Art of Performance

Future Creativity of Mixology

“Music must be innovative, like any other art form. Just as Hennessy draws on its inheritance to achieve the expressiveness of its Cognac creations, we endeavour to learn about the past, the music of yesterday, in order to transform this knowledge and these roots into something new, through innovation and the use of new technologies which are available to us today”. Pet Conspiracy displayed the limitless nature of their repertoire and their varying musical backgrounds throughout this evening in May. Ranging from electro to rock, via snippets of punk, their Secret Session metamorphosed into a true artistic performance. Songs performed using a megaphone, guitar, drumkit and dance, were as popular as they were stunning, this phenomenon of the Chinese musical scene gave a powerful and distinguished performance, just like the very best blends.