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ColinResponse<br>One year after part 2

One year after part 2

ColinResponse<br>One year after part 2

3. What did you take from this experience and what would be your advice to the next generation of bands/artists to participate to Hennessy's talent quest?

One would be surprised to discover how little they know about art until they visit France for a couple days. I’ve personally found a new deeper appreciation for it art – and I’m not referring to music. I now see artistry and how it affects so many mediums within our world. I’ve come back to Toronto understanding the true definition of art; Art it is the passion that we pour into our craft, the lust we have for the quality of our own creation. Whether be it food, sculpture, music, or cognac, I see now that we are all artists in our own rite.
My advice for the next generation of Talent Quest Participants is simple:
“Want it.”
What it more than anything else.
Want it more than anyone else.
And if you do, just like anything else in life, it will be yours.

ColinResponse<br>One year after part 2

4. What are your projects in the future? This year and for the years after?

I’ve got a ton of things on the go right now:
I’m excited to prepare my application for the Canadian Film Centre’s Music Residency and I’m also ecstatic for this September when I will be touring around the Greater Toronto Area performing a musical workshop I’ve developed named Expect Everything.
I would love to visit Cognac again, but for now I’m focused on seeing how Hennessy and I can continue to work together to share our art with the world. And with my debut album scheduled to release in early Spring 2014! We’re off to a great start!
I’d love to invite people to join my fanlist! Those who become fans before the album releases will receive a free copy of upon the official release!