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ColinResponse<br>One year after part 1

One year after part 1

ColinResponse<br>One year after part 1

1. Can you summarize in a few lines the experience you had last year in Cognac? How was your experience with Hennessy?

My visit to France this past summer was extraordinary; a long and exciting journey! Performing four times between venues and video shoots I was blown away by the patience and positive energy radiated by everyone that was part of Hennessy’s team.
Though visiting the city of Cognac to perform for thousands of festival-goers/radio listeners at the Blues Passions Festival was remarkable, Hennessy provided the opportunity to experience what their culture is really about. Visiting Chateau de Bagnolet and creating my own blend of Hennessy cognac are some of the rare experiences that I can now say I share with artists like QuestLove and Nas – I’m honored to know that I (unlike many other musicians) and cognac lovers a-like have had pleasure of indulging in such an experience.

ColinResponse<br>One year after part 1

2. What did the competition bring to you in terms of visibility and career perspectives and what did it change to your band's artistic ambitions?

I have been very fortunate this year based the response the public has been giving my music and my upcoming album; now Hennessy has opened the door even further! While in France I was fortunate enough to have them produce an acoustic video of one of my newest songs (Irresistible). And this video has now given a means to push the album even further.
Though the experience hasn’t changed my artistic ambitions it really did give light to the fact that music is universal across all languages and cultures!