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Huangpu port: the historic gateway for trade in China

Huangpu port: the historic gateway for trade in China

Our reporter from the Hennessy 250th anniversary takes a look at Guangzhou's oldest harbor, once the most important gateway for trade in South China

Working on the notion of heritage and legacy for the Maison's 250th anniversary, I decided to find out more about Huangpu old port, the historic gateway for international trade in South China. Huangpu used to serve as an emblematic trading port during the golden age of the "Silk Road on the Sea", long before Shenzhen and Shanghai started to expand their own harbor activity. Nowadays, Huangpu continues to play an important role within the main seaport of Guangzhou, the largest comprehensive port in South China. This impressive shipping platform employs over 13 000 people handling a range of activities which include loading & discharging, storage, bonded warehousing and container cargo services.

One can see the port's international stature as a reflection of China's spirit of conquest; a value precious to Hennessy.
I asked Heritage expert Raphael Gérard if there were any records in the archive of the Maison's activities in Guangzhou. "It's almost impossible that Hennessy could avoid Huangpu in the past. We haven't clearly identified traces concerning Huangpu port but we have good reasons to believe cognac was delivered there in the 19th century."