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What you missed in Russia last week

What you missed in Russia last week

The best moments of the Hennessy 250 Tour Grand Opening in Moscow

A long history with Russia

Every stop on the Hennessy 250 Tour feels like a new adventure. After launching two months ago in China, the tour continued its journey to Taiwan, Ireland, Germany and other territories where Hennessy has strong and historical roots. The Maison has a long history with Russia - since 1818 when the Tsar Alexander I received his first bottle of cognac for his birthday. From that moment on the Maison has only gained notoriety in the country. As a result of this growing popularity, nearly 3500 curious visitors flocked to the New Manege last week to discover the anniversary exhibition!

"The Steve Jobs of Premium Spirits"

Guests were impressed with Hennessy’s tradition and culture all the way to its synergy with contemporary art. I’m quoting one Russian visitor who said it all: “Before seeing the exhibition, Hennessy was for me a respected leader such as Winston Churchill, but now I see Hennessy as a great visionary of today's world… like the Steve Jobs of Premium Spirits.” The 250 Tour is not only a cultural festival celebrating the Maison’s legacy, it is also an opportunity to project into the future with a new blend. Revealing the Hennessy 250 Collector Blend during the gala dinner was another exciting moment of this opening day. No doubt Alexander I would have loved to witness this...