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An infinite source of inspiration

An infinite source of inspiration

Creating. Blending. Inspiring.

Hennessy has reached out to connoisseurs around the world since 1765, constantly giving them new ways to savour. Ocean liners, grand hotels, first-class flights, prestigious restaurants: Hennessy cognacs are at home in every exceptional environment. From very early on, Hennessy Maison encouraged discovering cognac in long drinks with instant success. From New York to Tokyo, Hennessy cognacs are listed on the menus of the most famous bars, and are a source of endless inspiration for the most inventive barmen. New daring, creative mixes have appeared in some of the world’s finest bars. Originating from grapes, Hennessy cognac can be enjoyed with the finest meals. Chefs and bold gourmets combine cognacs with refined savoury or sweet dishes. The "foie gras and green apple crisp" served with a slightly chilled Hennessy Paradis was invented by the Hennessy chef at the Château de Bagnolet, and is now considered a classic of contemporary cuisine. As La Bruyère used to say, "the finest pleasure is to ensure that of others."