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The "Distillerie du Peu"

Distillerie du Peu demonstrates an original process, in use since the 16th century. The property of Hennessy since 1947, this is one of the largest distilleries in the region. In this one-of-a-kind place, ten lustrous stills transform wine into spirits to be blended into Hennessy cognacs.


With its name so loyal to the Charente region, Distillerie du Peu prides itself on its principles of "excellence". This crucial link, in the chain that produces the finest cognacs, is located in the heart of the Grande Champagne area. It tells the story of the expertise, exact measures, and progress: the precise movements orchestrated according to an art that originated in Persia during the second millennium BC. This art has become refined as the centuries passed, and is still being perpetuated.
By boiling a fermented product (white wine made in the appellation) to recuperate the alcohol by condensation, Charente-based craftsmen have excelled in improving this ancestral expertise since the 17th century, thanks to their invention of the principle of double-distillation itself. As shining examples of this tradition, the ten scarlet red copper stills found in the heart of Distillerie du Peu continue to distill the best eaux-de-vies, which are then aged in oak casks where they will become Cognac. But before the spirits are blended and aged in a cellar, have a look at their ultimate production secret.