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Cocktail chronicle - Act I

Cocktail chronicle - Act I

The cocktail is a taste experience that has existed for three hundred years. The technique appeared in the mid-17th century, first used by liquor merchants and distillers to keep fruits and spices from spoiling. While no one today can precisely certify the date of its invention, everyone can agree on the merits of complex liquid mixtures from a variety of horizons.

A Legend Is Born

While several theories have been developed to explain the origin of the word, the cocktail is today a unique sensory experience of a knowingly blended mixture. This gustatory experience is enhanced by its visual aspect.
Cocktails all have their origins as one of the first techniques invented to preserve fruits and spices. From the famous punch blending such ingredients with rum and sugar up to the commercial development of cocktail recipes for eager clients in search of new sensations, the cocktail spread through England and the United States beginning in the late 17th century. The British civilization, a dominant culture in the world, was the first to become interested in this new type of concoction. As new spirits were discovered such as rum and gin, these alcohols would be quickly integrated into more flavorful drinks that would necessitate the import of exotic ingredients from elsewhere in the colonial empire.