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Cocktail Chronicle - Act IV

Cocktail Chronicle - Act IV

With the discovery of new ingredients and more sophisticated liquors, the bartenders’ universe became a profession in its own right. With creativity and know-how as guiding lights, the emergence of professional organizations added kudos to a trend that was evolving into an art form. The use of the cocktail had become more accessible, reaching the four corners of the world, where professionals and amateurs sought out unique drinks.

The Dawn of Globalization

While the Second World War was slowing the momentum set by the Roaring Twenties, the cocktail craze really took hold in 1945, spurred on yet again by the influence and emergence of new spirits. The International Bartender Association was created on February 24th, 1951 in the bar of the Grand Hotel in Torquay, England. Many other professional organizations followed, working to promote the art of blending liquids through serious and diligently-prepared international competitions. English-speakers recognized for their traditional edge, Italians keen on original liquors with complex aromas and the French; champions of gastronomy and art de vivre, the cocktail world became a profession in itself, renowned for its inventiveness and celebrated for its expertise.