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Masters at Work

Hennessy is pleased to introduce you to Paolo Pininfarina and senior designer Antony Margiasso to talk about the the project of redesigning the Hennessy Very Special bottle.

An obvious collaboration

You went to France to visit Cognac and Hennessy’s facilities. How did that change your pespective on Hennessy and how did that experience come into play into the project of redesigning the Hennessy VS bottle?
AM: We went to Cognac at the beginning of the project. It was fundamental to live and breathe the full Hennessy experience. We spent a couple of days in Hennessy’s Château de Bagnolet, we went to see the vineyards, visited the distillery, witnessed the cask production process. That was fantastic. It was very important for us to understand the heritage, the process, and everything that lies behind the bottle. It’s not only a brand, it’s truly a philosophy and a culture.
What would you say are the shared values between Hennessy and Pininfarina?
PP: A culture deeply rooted in tradition, a unique commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation. Also a proven reliability based on experience, and working towards a sustainable future are values that both Hennessy and Pininfarina share.
AM: There’s so many. We can talk about the fact that we’re both iconic european brands with an amazing history. We can talk about the dedication to quality, to excellence. We can talk about the know-how, the passion…