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Unveiling the First Edition of Master Blender’s Selection

Unveiling the First Edition of Master Blender’s Selection

Every artist, composer and master craftsman has a secret project on the side, an endeavor pursued simply for creativity’s sake.

For Hennessy Master Blender Yann Fillioux, it was “Selection N°1”: in contrast to the many celebrated cognacs he has composed throughout his distinguished career, this latest blend is a very personal signature that was only ever meant to be produced in a single, limited batch.

Yann Fillioux and the Tasting Committee structured the Master Blender’s Selection N°1 by defining a first selection of eaux-de-vie. They then narrowed their selection according to their elegance, character and suppleness. Crafted as a single batch, it is a limited edition cognac with a round and rich subtlety that has a bright amber color with a golden sheen.

To convey the spirit of Master Blender’s Selection N°1, Hennessy reached out to New York-based visual artist CJ Hendry, renowned for her large-scale photorealistic pen drawings. Her drawings are all about accumulating layers to create the right shade. For her first color piece, she layered red and yellow to create the shade of cognac.
When it comes to craft, Hennessy and Hendry are closely linked: their works reveal a unique style and signature that can only come from many years of refining a personal creative process - and yet both embody a highly contemporary attitude. Echoing the sentiment of Master Blender Yann Fillioux, CJ Hendry observes: “My craft is about passion and patience. It requires time, sacrifice and love.”

The Master Blender is the guardian of Hennessy’s cognac, ensuring that each blend’s quality is exceptionally consistent so that it stands the test of time. Nothing captures the spirit of this craft more than the new Master Blender’s Selection N°1.