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An infinite source of inspiration

An infinite source of inspiration

Creating. Blending. Inspiring.

Hennessy has reached out to connoisseurs around the world since 1765, constantly giving them new ways to savour. Ocean liners, grand hotels, first-class flights, prestigious restaurants: Hennessy cognacs are at home in every exceptional environment. From very early on, Hennessy Maison encouraged discovering cognac in long drinks with instant success. From New York to Tokyo, Hennessy cognacs are listed on the menus of the most famous bars, and are a source of endless inspiration for the most inventive barmen. New daring, creative mixes have appeared in some of the world’s finest bars. Originating from grapes, Hennessy cognac can be enjoyed with the finest meals. Chefs and bold gourmets combine cognacs with refined savoury or sweet dishes. The "foie gras and green apple crisp" served with a slightly chilled Hennessy Paradis was invented by the Hennessy chef at the Château de Bagnolet, and is now considered a classic of contemporary cuisine. As La Bruyère used to say, "the finest pleasure is to ensure that of others."

Reinventing cognac

Reinventing cognac

From innovation comes future classics

Hennessy X.O is a perfect example. From its invention by Maurice Hennessy to Arik Levy's spectacular interpretation of the Mathusalem, Hennessy X.O illustrates the brand’s innovative history. Only two years after its creation in 1870, X.O won China and gave the world a particular notion of luxury and a radically new approach to ageing eaux-de-vie. In 1947, Maurice Hennessy’s great-grandson Gérald de Geoffre de Chabrignac breathed new life into X.O. A single inspired pencil stroke gave rise to an avant-garde decanter, crowned with vine branches engraved into the glass. A lesson in reinventing tradition… X.O was a true success. Its elegant, understated modern design became a classic that inspired Hennessy Maison in future prestige creations. For Hennessy, innovation is second nature that finds expression a thousand ways. In 1865, after the Maison established its own bottling workshop, Maurice Hennessy invented a ranking system with stars that was so widely accepted, it eventually became the standard for cognacs. In 1947, the company set up a vineyard-laboratory in Grande Champagne, aiming to always remain at the forefront of quality. Hennessy was the first brand to develop its own graphic identity. The company showed pioneering vision in the late nineteenth century when it fully grasped the importance of advertising. Its slogan was already both ambitious and audacious: "Hennessy, the leading brand."

A delectable blend

A delectable blend

East meets West and teases the palate in Hennessy's X.O Appreciation Grows Tour, to the delight of the guests

Hennessy X.O

The Hennessy X.O Appreciation Grows Tour was born when guests from Asia visited Hennessy's Chateau de Bagnolet. They invited Maison Hennessy Chef David Fransoret to come to Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Vietnam to prepare a French-style dinner.

Since then, X.O Appreciation Grows Tour has been an assemblage of Chef David Fransoret's expertise with local Chefs' creativity that distinguished guests get to sample.

Bon appetit!

The Hennessy X.O Appreciation Grows Tour is an excellent example of Hennessy's blend of deep heritage and modernity.
Heritage is the ability to source from your past, re-invent it and make it contemporary. By associating classical French cuisine with local cooking, the chefs who cook at Hennessy X.O Appreciation Grows Tour embody this spirit of timeless modernity -- with delicious results.

One example of a menu :

Blue lobster soup with spheres of crispy vegetables
Terrine of duck foie gras with dried fruit chutney
Fried monkfish medallion with caraway, tomato and chili purée, lemongrass sauce
Roasted Lamb with spices, pan-fried shiitake mushrooms and garlic
Fillets Turbot topped with potato « scales » on a bed of leeks and truffles
Celeriac ice-cream and truffles
Richard Hennessy, founder and visionary

Richard Hennessy, founder and visionary

4 dates punctuated this great destiny

In 1724, Richard was born into a family of Irish aristocrats in a village in the County of Cork. In 1745, he enlisted in King Louis XV’s Irish Brigade and discovered the Charente region shortly after the Battle of Fontenoy. In 1756 Captain Hennessy left the army and traveled to Ostend, a place where some of his family lived and where he would begin trading in eaux-de-vie. And in 1765, Richard returned to Charente and established his own Maison in Cognac. A great destiny depends upon vision and dreams. Casks of Hennessy cognac sailed to London, Dublin and Flanders. Richard Hennessy knew that time would be on his side : he adopted a long-term approach. Indeed, he settled the Founder’s Cellar along the Charente river and aged eaux-de-vie for more than ten years to create exceptional cognacs. This vision led him to come close to perfection and make a strong name in France and abroad. As of 1784, members of the court of Louis XVI asked Richard Hennessy for their usual finest cognac. Ten years later, the first casks of Hennessy were unloaded in the port of New York.

Keeping art alive

Keeping art alive

Hennessy has always supported artists, and that means graffiti as well.

Hennessy inspirations

Hennessy has always cultivated ties with the artistic world. Whether novelists or artists, classical or hip-hop musicians, Hennessy is a name that inspires and, often, supports them.

Already adopted by the hip-hop culture for almost 40 years, Hennessy has extended its support to street artists who use their talents to reinterpret the Maison's codes and design labels for Hennessy bottles.
Inspiring creators

Inspiring creators

Luxury reflects greatness.

The Hennessy Maison has always cultivated strong connections with the great men and women of an era. In the recent years, the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte was commissioned to modernise the exhibition and cultural center on the Quais Hennessy at Cognac. These ancestral walls were renovated to display the company’s history. It is a humbling experience to stroll through this museum, moving from temporary exhibitions to timeless cellar. The richness of Hennessy cognac inspires leading designers. In 1999, Baccarat’s designer created a decanter with round curves for Hennessy Timeless, bringing Hennessy into the third millennium… In 2007, the artist Jean-Michel Othoniel created "Beauté du Siècle" as a tribute to the 100th birthday of the patriarch Kilian Hennessy, former president of the company and a passionate visionary of Hennessy’s development. This sublime work includes crystal, wood and steel fashioned with the combined talents of leading master artisans such as Salviati, Guerlain, Saint-Just and Baccarat. In 2009, Olga Berluti, heir to the famous line of bootmakers, created an exclusive edition of 150 pieces for the second Mathusalem version of X.O, a ceremonial six-liter container presented in a leather-encased chest. More recently, Arik Levy, artist and sculptor, reinterpreted the X.O Mathusalem chest. Hennessy's connection to the Art world also includes street artists. Since 2009, the Maison has asked renowned graffiti artists like Futura, Kaws, Kesh and Burrows to use their talents and provide their vision to design labels, making Hennessy an even stronger name in contemporary culture. Hennessy continues its relationship with art by inspiring increasingly audacious creations from the 21st century's great artists.

Hennessy at Blues Passions festival

Hennessy at Blues Passions festival

Hennessy has supported the Blues Passions festival in Cognac ever since its inception in 1994.

For 19 years, Hennessy has been a proud supporter of the Blues Passions festival, dedicated to the roots of afro-american music. Both internationally renowned and brand-new talents grace the stages in Cognac. A must-do on music aficionados' list, the Blues Passions festival features concerts and stages where famous musicians rub shoulders with emerging artists. In short, a recipe for enriching mixes of experiences...