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Hennessy tips off global partnership with the NBA thanks to an inaugural artistic program that marks the first collaboration in Canada!

Hidden court canada

Based on Hennessy and NBA’s shared values of integrity, teamwork, and innovation to inspire and unite communities, they are bringing the spirit of the NBA to the Montreal community with a unique installation titled Hidden Court. In collaboration with Mural Festival, an eleven-day event paying tribute to the international urban art movement, they fuse the colour and energy of visual arts to one of the city’s emblematic basketball courts, further celebrating Hennessy's artistic heritage.

“As a fervent arts supporter, Hennessy is proud to bring the community together for this meaningful project,” said Alexis de Calonne, managing director of Moët Hennessy Canada. “As we emerge from difficult times, we often look to our artists for inspiration and reflection, and Hidden Court will not fall short of thrilling visitors”.


Montreal’s Hidden Court is transformed through the vision and artistry of renowned local illustrator and artist, Francorama.

“I wanted to challenge the size, scope and utilitarian quality of this space, said Francorama. “My work on this canvas is a reflection of a place where people realize their dreams and where champions are born, every day. This court’s dual function also rewards the imagination and intuition of the spectator. ”


Hennessy in Canada will further demonstrate the value of artistic contributions in everyday life by making a $10,000 donation to L'Artothèque. The association personally selected by Francorama is dedicated to the visual arts and offers a library of works that can be rented. L’Artothèque also offers diverse exhibitions and creative workshops for various audiences.


" Art is not only the representation of an experience, IT IS an experience. "



" With this collaboration with Hennessy, the NBA and the city of Montreal, I wanted to create a work that is revealed to the mind of the spectator with the help of his eyes. It is only after a long period of time contemplating the work from the ground that slowly its abstract forms, vivid colors and composition begin to take on meaning and form a figurative image. "



" My intention with this experience is simply to show that by cultivating our senses and our mind, we can shift our perspective and witness the beauty of so much from an elevation view. You just have to jump high in the sky. "





“The NBA is pleased to support this special initiative in Montreal with global spirits partner Hennessy,” said Leah MacNab, managing director of NBA Canada. “Hidden Court celebrates the spirit of basketball with an artistic expression designed to bring joy to the community and to fuel passion for the game.” 


Hidden Court has opened its doors to the public on August 10, 2021 and will be maintained by Hennessy Canada over the course of two years.

Photos credits : Darrell Wonge / Duo-Tang Studio



Hennessy V.S NBA Limited Edition

Fans around the world will be able to toast with the new exclusive Hennessy V.S Limited Edition bottle, specially designed to commemorate the partnership between Hennessy and the NBA.

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