HENNESSY x Yang Yongliang

HENNESSY x Yang Yongliang

  • Hennessy V.S.O.P x Yang Yongliang

    Ever true to its heritage, Hennessy V.S.O.P once again revolutionizes the culture of luxury spirits by breaking down the boundaries between past, present, and future. 

    To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, tradition meets technology as the mythical creature comes to life on a pure original: revisited in a limited edition by digital artist Yang Yongliang, the V.S.O.P bottle is clad in a vibrant red hue to usher in a prosperous Chinese New Year.

  • Hennessy X.O x Yang Yongliang

    In 1870, Maurice Hennessy, a 4th-generation member of the Hennessy family, asked the Master Blender Emile Fillioux to use long-aged eaux-de-vie to create a special blend for sharing with family and friends. 

    More than 150 years later, Hennessy's powerful, balanced "Extra Old" blend remains the cognac of choice for sharing with one's inner circle. A moment heightened by an exceptional limited edition and collectible gift box designed by artist Yang Yongliang to celebrate the Year of the Dragon.

  • Hennessy Paradis x Yang Yongliang

    This harmonious cognac is defined by its graceful character and immediately delights with its rich copper colour. It is a perfectly balanced blend, both voluptuous and round, and combines smoothness and strength with a silky texture. Naturally, it has a flavourful and deep, persistent finish.

    For this 2024 exclusive edition, the decanter features luminous gold dragon motifs and is available in only 485 numbered pieces, crafted by Bernardaud - the160 year-old French heritage porcelain maker. 


Hennessy x Yang Yongliang Collaboration

Inspired by Maison Hennessy's slogan "Together We Are Unstoppable," a dynamic digital artwork by Yang Yongliang shows dragons dancing in and out of waves. Together, they welcome a time of unleashing positive energy and celebrating what brings us together.



Past Meets Future

Growing up in a picturesque old water town in Greater Shanghai, Yang Yongliang trained in traditional Chinese landscape painting. Later, the rapid pace of change all around him inspired the artist to incorporate innovative digital technologies. 

HENNESSY_Collaboration_Yang Yongliang

Bringing a Dragon to Life

A lifelong fondness for dragons informs this collaboration: an antique coin bearing the creature's likeness, a gift from the artist's grandmother, inspired him to share that memory and bring a dragon to life with movement and a metallic finish.

Hennessy_Story_Artist_Yang Yongliang

Unique Art for Unique Blends

Blending traditional savoir-faire into today's digital world is an art Hennessy and Yang Yongliang share. "It's important to respect history and traditions," the artist says. "Everything Hennessy does links past and present." 

Hennessy_Chinese New Year 2024_Carafes


The Spirit of a New Year

Bringing a childhood memory of a dragon to life through the magic of digital technology let Yang Yongliang build a new kind of bridge between past and present.

Sharing memories is an essential part of gathering and making the most of joyful moments, particularly during the New Year. For Yang Yongliang, using contemporary technology to bring mythical creatures to life wasn't just a way of expressing his own life experience — it is a means of engaging others. "I hope this inspires people to learn more about the historical and cultural contexts of dragons."


Available in VSOP, XO and Paradis, the limited edition art decanters make a beautiful gift for sharing and even as a centerpiece in the home.

Hennessy has a deep and longstanding connection with Chinese culture dating back more than 163 years. Through this collaboration, Yang Yongliang beautifully expresses the spirit of shared history and New Year in three vibrant iterations of Hennessy cognacs: V.S.O.P in red for joy and luck; X.O in gold for prosperity, and Paradis in white and gold porcelain with a precious oak gift box.


Hennessy_Chinese New Year 2024_paradis

This exceptional 1-liter decanter was made by a family-run manufacture whose master craftsmen have been using age-old traditions to create beautiful products for generations. Working with porcelain requires patience and skill: the decanter is meticulously crafted by more than 10 artisans. From the firing at 1400°C, which gives the piece its famous and unique brightness, to the hand-applied gold decoration that enhances the decanter, more than 15 steps are required to create this exceptional piece.