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Jeremy Suyker
About the author

Jeremy Suyker

Jeremy Suyker is a French reporter and photographer specialized in sociocultural issues, travel photography and visual storytelling. He spends most of his time on the road looking for new fascinating adventures and unique stories to narrate.

This year, Jeremy is reporting for Hennessy on the Maison’s 250th Anniversary Tour across the world. A new exciting challenge he accepted with great enthusiasm. As Hennessy’s special reporter, Jeremy will follow the Tour in China in March, Russia in May, America in July, South Africa in August and of course, Paris for the “Grand Finale” in September.

His principal mission is to narrate -very much like a storyteller- the events occurring during that period of time. He will be reporting from the "backstage" principally, taking an intimate look at the unique exhibitions and events Hennessy will organize around the world this year.

This blog has been created specially for you to follow the Tour. Jeremy will be posting pictures and words on a regular basis. He will be our eyes and ears, travelling long distances to bring back the best moments of the Tour.

Follow him on his journey for Hennessy around the globe. We promise you that you won't regret it.

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