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Wear some Hennessy

Wear some Hennessy

In the U.S., Hennessy is the darling of the hip-hop world. So it's only logical that street clothing designer Crooks & Castles would partner with them for an exclusive line of clothing and accessories.

California clothing brand Crooks & Castles is well-known as a streetwear brand. Started in 2002, the Los Angeles' company claims it draws inspiration from both real and fictional "villains" who use whatever means possible to reach their goal -- and, eventually, gain the "castle" or the fortunes they've been seeking. Crooks & Castles showcases this tenet through the emblematic logos and design of the clothing. It's an intriguing concept for a line of apparel, and it seems to have gone over very well. Crooks & Castles gained popularity as more and more entertainers, rappers and athletes were seen in C&C gear -- notably people who embraced the brand's vision. The vision of get-ahead drive makes Crooks & Castles an ideal collaborator for Hennessy. The Maison's Wild Rabbit campaign and "Never Stop. Never Settle." tagline is in line with the philosophy that Crooks and Castles represents. And in fact, it inspired the clothing company to come up with a limited edition of clothing and accessories based on Hennessy's campaign. This is a partnership that seems to have been waiting to happen. Hennessy has become something of an icon in the rap and hip-hop world, having been featured in several songs and unofficially endorsed by the artists. And Crooks & Castles has always played off the popularity of well-known labels and designers. All it took was the Maison's "Wild Rabbit" campaign to inspire Crooks & Castles to develop a very limited edition of apparel and accessories featuring the brand. What's more, this exciting collaboration represents a unity between the sipping connoisseurs of cognac and street-fashion savvy consumers -- a blend that makes the world more interesting!