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The delicate art of Shadow Puppetry

The delicate art of Shadow Puppetry

Our reporter from the Hennessy 250 Tour presents the fascinating world of Chinese puppeteers

The Shadow Puppetry, a group of Chinese puppeteers from Hong Kong, was recently invited to perform at the Hennessy 250 exhibition in Guangzhou. I had the opportunity to meet with these fascinating artists and watch their work from close. The team leader, Master Wang, started performing puppetry back in 1973. For many years, Wang travelled alongside with his own master throughout China and shared his art with others. During his journey, he met other puppet artists with whom he exchanged philosophical ideas and various theatrical technics. This blend of savoir-faire eventually gave birth to Wang's actual form of puppetry - the way it was presented in Guangzhou. When his group performs on stage, hiding behind a white and luminous screen, a transformation takes place: the puppets are brought to real life in an inexplicable way. This stunning metamorphosis can only be achieved by impassioned artists who work tenaciously and carefully in order to reach a level of true excellence.