Richard Hennessy x Berluti

Richard Hennessy x Berluti

Richard Hennessy x Berluti

An encounter at the top

A sleek, handcrafted attaché case in rich, cognac-hued Venezia calf leather features a central cut-out, framing the 70cL carafe and the engraved Hennessy founding act like a trophy, while an angular sheath hugs the decanter's curves and keeps it secure, whether inside the case or used as a standalone platform. Tucked inside the case, a custom-made cardholder is stamped with the Hennessy and Berluti logos.


Richard Hennessy x Berluti

Hennessy & Berluti, both have an equal desire for excellence and precision. This creation is the perfect example of the bond that unites them: a bottle of Richard Hennessy cognac housed inside a case designed by Berluti.

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The Savoir faire

Cognac and leather both appeal to several senses and evoke the obvious: complementary when illustrious Maisons combine their expertise. The richness of materials and precision of movements, sensitivity and desire to innovate and time itself... So many common traits between the two Maisons and their master craftsmen. Barrel makers master the wood, just like shoemakers. 


Master of arts

How can we not think of the milestones that mark the origins of a cognac, of what defines the art of the Master Blender? Accompanied by experts, he is the guarantor of continuity. He selects eaux-de-vie whose destiny he can sense, and patiently ages them to create a truly rare cognac. 


The reveal of a momentum

The box’s design reflects Berluti's fantasy and audacity. In the carefully cut, closed case, the bottle appears, leaving only its rounded shape to be admired. The eye-catching colour of the blend contrasts with the leather covering the box. Running across the crystal, Hennessy’s founding act illuminates the Maison's long-lasting legacy. It’s an invitation, a first emotion, the entrance to a secret.




Richard Hennessy

Richard Hennessy shaped the future, armed with courage and determination, clinging to his dreams and never giving up in the face of difficulty. The Richard Hennessy cognac is the mirror in this tale, in which balance is nurtured and arises from complexity. The precious eaux-de-vie selected for this cognac, have a unique potential. In small quantities, they presage the essence of rarity. 


Maison Berluti

In1895, Alessandro Berluti founded the Maison in Paris to become a bootmaker. In1900, during the World Exhibition, he presented his lace-up pump made of a single piece of leather.
True pieces of art, tailor-made shoes have established its reputation. Berluti dazzled with his style, ideas, virtuoso technique and eye for detail.