Located on the banks of the Charente river in western France, Hennessy's historic seat is open for visits year round. Learn more about how we craft our exceptional cognacs — or simply come to better appreciate the cognac itself.

Visit Hennessy


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Hennessy is reinventing guided cognac tours to offer an innovative experience, a dynamic multi-sensory journey. An invitation for the curious to go behind the scenes of the Maison, it shares the secrets behind the exceptional. Authentic, aesthetic and inspiring, this new journey walks through the steps in the cognac-making process. It is a 360° immersion into the world of Hennessy.

The men and women who shaped our history and those continuing to do so today take visitors on a private, intimate journey to the heart of Hennessy. Centuries worth of history, our heritage of savoir-faire, global prestige and the ageing of the eaux-de-vie. The highlight of the journey: visitors have the chance to step into a committee member's shoes for an expert tasting. The tour ends with the discovery of the only Hennessy boutique in the world bringing together all of the brand's references.