Explore the secrets of the Founder's Cellar.

  • Duration 2 hours 30
  • Tasting of Hennessy X.O and Hennessy Paradis
  • Reservation requiered (minimum 2 people)
  • 2 languages : English, French



/ pers.

A celebration of history and rarity, from the Founder's Cellar to an epicurean VIP cognacs tasting. Includes access to our new artistic immersive installation, MOBILIS. Blending poetry with cutting-edge technology, this virtual reality odyssey brings to life Hennessy’s saga in a way never seen before. A must see.


This private, small group tour offers a unique opportunity to slip behind the scenes and deepen your knowledge about Hennessy's legacy and how its remarkable cognacs are made. Board a shuttle for a brief crossing of the Charente River — an essential part of the Maison’s history — and visit the Ageing Cellar, an authentic working cellar lined with oak casks hand-inscribed in chalk script. In this magical place redolent with the aroma of the eaux de vie, gain a better understanding about the Cognac ageing process and discover the natural phenomenon known as the "angels' share."


Visitors will have the privilege of passing through the wrought iron gates of the Founder's Cellar. One of the estate's oldest and most emblematic buildings, this historic repository usually remains off-limits to the public and is home to Hennessy's rarest treasures, the most precious cognacs in one of the world’s largest library of eaux-de-vie. This visit culminates in a VIP lounge for a guided tasting of specially selected cognacs, including the emblematic Hennessy X.O and Hennessy Paradis cognacs. An exceptional and epicurean experience.

Hennessy Mobilis - Olivier Kuntzel et Florence Deygas (Vincent Bousserez)

From May 2023, our guided tours include a next-generation immersive experience and virtual reality odyssey: MOBILIS, the brainchild of world-renowned French artists Olivier Kuntzel & Florence Deygas. Together with a team of 50 talented artists and artisans, they drew a whimsical portrait of Maison Hennessy following a 'carte blanche' invitation from our President, Laurent Boillot.

Les Visites Hennessy - Mobilis experience immersive

Two years in the making, this ambitious work of art blends the simplicity of drawing together with cutting-edge technology, bringing our history and craftsmanship to life in a way never seen before. A must-see when visiting Cognac, MOBILIS cements Hennessy’s position as a landmark wine tourism destination.

Please note that for health reasons, pets are not allowed on the grounds.

For health and safety reasons, the use of virtual reality headsets is reserved to visitors aged 12 and above.

For all visitors aged 12 and above, please note that exposure to virtual reality can disrupt the sensory system and may lead to various mild symptoms (such as nausea, vertigo, cold sweats, paleness or loss of balance) that wear off quickly. The use of these technologies is not recommended for people who suffer from epileptic seizures or sensitive people (pregnant women, people suffering from motion sickness, showing signs of balance disorders or prone to migraines or panic attacks).

For visitors not participating in the virtual reality immersive experience, our visits offer a range of alternative activities in an adjoining room inside the Chai des Pavillons (barrel calligraphy initiation, drawing/colouring, a MOBILIS artistic creation making-of video). These activities have been imagined by the artists Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Deygas. For all minors, it is mandatory for an accompanying adult to be with them in the non-virtual room. Minors aged 12-17 will not be allowed to take part in the virtual reality immersive experience without an accompanying adult.



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Quai Maurice Hennessy, 16100 Cognac France

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Chai des Pavillons, Les Visites Hennessy


From Hennessy’s vineyards to its historic cellars, discover some of the secrets behind the Maison’s time-honored craftsmanship and rituals.



Discover some of the secrets behind the Maison’s time-honored craftsmanship and rituals.

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Discover one of the Maison’s most iconic blends