Living Landscape

Preserving, enriching and passing down our shared heritage

Living Landscapes

"Living Landscapes" is Hennessy's vision of the future for the Cognac AOC, beyond our vineyards alone. Together with the other cognac Maisons, our winegrowing partners and the entire industry, we share a common asset, the Cognac terroir, a land that is currently at risk due to climate change.

At Hennessy, we believe that together we can design new, resilient, rich and fertile landscapes which will allow us all to live off the land and pass along an even more beautiful and vibrant terroir to future generations.

Together, we can shape the landscape of the future!

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Hennessy Cognac Vineyard Landscape

Nurturing a shared vision for the Cognac region

The Cognac land is very unique. In this part of the Charentes region, generations of men and women share a common destiny. Through their work and the transmission of their expertise they have helped to develop and preserve this precious asset which we all share.

Protecting the soil, biodiversity and living organisms is a communal responsibility. Together with the other cognac Maisons and the entire industry we're working towards obtaining the Cognac Environmental Certification for 100% of our winegrowers by 2028. 

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Initiating and developing agroforestry projects

Trees can provide us with powerful solutions for regenerating soil, preserving biodiversity and retaining water. By planting hedges and trees and creating ecological corridors we've rendered the landscape more beautiful and made the region more virtuous.

For this reason, Maison Hennessy has launched the "1000 Palisses" project, a project recognized by IUCN France, which aims to create 1000 kilometers of hedges and trees throughout the Cognac region within the next 10 years.

Raising awareness, and training and supporting winegrowers


Hennessy's teams are working together with all of their partner winegrows towards achieving the Cognac Environmental Certification. 

This 5-pillar environmental certification promotes biodiversity, water, air and soil quality, manages soil life sustainability, pilots a restrictive approach to chemical treatments and aims for carbon sobriety.

Making our region the most beautiful and sustainable wine region in the world

We have chosen the path of agroecology, a body of scientific knowledge and practices aimed at creating viticultural models that respect and draw inspiration from ecological equilibrium.

Living Landscapes

We maintain a vegetation cover on the soil and practice sustainable tillage.

Living Landscapes

We're putting trees back in their rightful place in the Cognac winegrowing landscape.

Living Landscapes

We actively promote agro-ecology, from our parcels to the stakeholders in the Cognac region.

Living Landscapes